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  1. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a 2016 3500 SRW with 205K. Thinking about adding a tuner to increase mileage and a little performance but not interested in blowing up my original 68RFE trans or burning up injectors. Not looking to start any wars here, just looking to find out who’s had luck (good and bad) with what and...
  2. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    I am curious to find out what the hottest tuner is for the common rail doges. I have heard a lot of good things about smarty and efi live and I can’t determine which one is faster/hotter.
  3. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    I got in to take off this morning and truck went from 140° to 220° in the blink of an eye. I coasted back home and changed to a new thermostat I had and added the slightest bit of coolant it was missing. My question is regarding the fan. I have read multiple people say it should only run when...
  4. 07.5-09 3rd Gen 6.7L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hi guys, Thanks.
  5. 2010-2012 Non-Powertrain
    I have a 2010 6.7 i just purchased. I know little about the programming amd tuning of diesels. . The dealer said it had all been reprogrammed for this. Day 2 engine light comes on day 4 i get a code reader. Day 5 truck message center says to have exhaust serviced, filter full (but filter is...
  6. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys, I was wondering what the best tuner I could get for around $500, preferably I'd like to go as cheap as I can, which would probably mean looking on eBay. Here's what I've looked at and the prices, and for anyone who has these I'd love to hear your opinion on it. Edge EZ - ~$500...
  7. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a 99 24v with the Edge Juice with attitude and my buddy has an Edge comp box on his. Both trucks are set up exactly the the same aside from the tuners. I have always heard that both tuners offer the same amount of power but he seems to outrun me every time. Is the comp box better than the...
  8. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    Just got a new tuner and one of the tunes is valet mode 50% stock. What will that do?
  9. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    I have recently got a smarty S-03 Tuner for my truck. (2002 Dodge ram 2500 6 speed). My truck is all stock except the air intake. My question is, is it safe to run these tunes on a stock truck? If yes, up to which stage is recommended to run on a stock truck? My truck has recently been acting...
  10. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a 2015 Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins with 6 speed manual transmission. I use a Raceme Ultra tuner. What are some of your guys thoughts on this tuner? I don't know too many guys running them. Wondering if there are any horror stories about it or maybe what the best tunes are to run.
  11. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys, first post here! I just got my first 3rd gen, and it has an Edge Products box sitting in front of the driver side battery. However, there’s nothing in the cab for a tuner? The box is hooked up and the wires run back to the firewall then down and I can’t figure out where they go from...
  12. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    Sooooo......I did a couple of replacement parts on my own over the last couple of weeks, and now i am on this kick of like "****, i need to be doing more to my truck"........I bought an EGR COOLER from BULLETPROOF and they have this "EDGE" tuner on their website......which led me to start...
  13. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    does anyone know anything about this site i was looking at getting this kit for my 2017 2500 but i cant find any reviews on it
  14. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    Just got an edge juice with attitude for my 01 24v but the cts screen is not connecting to the module, everything is all hooked up and tapped into, everything has power, it’s just not connecting and letting me do anything, anybody know what the problem could be?
  15. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    I have recently bought my new truck and have found an unplugged edge ez1000 tuner inside (it is the more basic one that doesn't have the switch). I am considering plugging it in but only if it will boost my fuel economy because at the moment I have no need to make power. Will it boost my fuel...
  16. HP Tuners
    So mistakingly installed tune for 6.7 Cummins instead of my 5.9, now check engine light is on. It won’t let me reinstall the correct tune for 5.9 2007 Cummins. I go to install and end up on a screen showing Error 0. How do I fix this? I tried unplugging battery for 30 mins to no avail, also...
  17. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey I recently purchased a bully dog gt for my 07 5.9. It says to immediately update it before install, but I know that bully dog got popped by the feds not that long ago and don't want their new carb compliant crap on my device. I'm hoping the device I bought is old enough to be clean of that...
  18. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    Recently bought a used 2015 6.7 with a Tenacity tune. Was wondering if anyone was familiar with the tune? It has the 5 position switch. After doing some research they are out of business and I was just wondering if I should just leave it or swap to a different tune. Would like to know about the...
  19. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    Hello I am looking for a tuner that will boost my power around a 100hp and also clearing my check engine light and I am kind of stuck on what to buy. Anyone got suggestions for what you guys have used and works?
  20. 07.5-09 3rd Gen 6.7L Performance Parts Discussion
    RaceMe GMBH is not an authorized dealer for RaceMe tuners. They have obsolete inventory, do not provide technical support and do not honor the advertised warranty. Essentially it is a fraudulent entity that has a web site that is nearly identical to the legitimate dealers. I was misled by some...
1-20 of 34 Results