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    Hi all, My next project is going to be a custom crew cab 1960-66 Chevy Apache pickup, swapped onto a cummins chassis. I'm thinking a 1st or 2nd gen cummins 4x4 automatic donor for the chassis, but I don't know enough about them to decide what the best year would be. Anyone have any suggestions...
  2. ATP-Mike Truck

    ATP-Mike Truck

  3. ATP-Mike Truck

    ATP-Mike Truck

  4. ATP-Mike Truck

    ATP-Mike Truck

  5. ATP-Mike Truck

    ATP-Mike Truck

  6. ATP-Mike Truck

    ATP-Mike Truck

  7. ATP-Mike Truck

    ATP-Mike Truck

  8. *HaulinDog's* Ol Work Truck*96 /5.9l Cummins 12v*

    *HaulinDog's* Ol Work Truck*96 /5.9l Cummins 12v*

    This is my ol Cummins.I live in Germany,and this is the best Truck i ever had at all...YeeHaa
  9. My Old Rig

    My Old Rig

    Pulling many different loads, with weights ranging from 5,000 pounds to 32,000 pounds, thousands of miles from home, and always made it back safely. -forever in my heart and soul.
  10. My new rig, with Stacks installed

    My new rig, with Stacks installed

    Just got the 48 inch straight cut stacks in, sounds really good. I will upload more photos when Alaska turns green, and they stand out;-)
  11. My '97 Dodge Cummins

    My '97 Dodge Cummins

    After I got the truck back from Ziebart. Diamond gloss coating, under coating, and rust proofing. Some pic turned out well, some did not. Camera wasnt liken the lighting conditions.