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  1. 5th Gen Tire and wheel
    I’m hoping I can get some help finding the best tire to put on my stock 20” rims I’m trying to find 35” tires Thank you
  2. 2019+ General Discussion
    Hi All, I just purchased a 2020 Ram 3500 DRW w/the HO engine/AISN tranny. It came with aggressive Nitto ridge grapplers rugged tires. I drove it to Ga from Arkansas and got 13.5 - 13.8 MPG. I'm assuming this is normal, but will a less aggressive tire (all season) get better gas mileage? TIA...
  3. 5th Gen Tire and wheel
    Any one running these on a Dually? Heard they are the biggest anyone can go on stock suspension with no spacers. If anyone is running this size can you please post pictures? Thinking of going with Toyo Open Country M/Ts or ATIII Thanks!
  4. 1999 cummins

    1999 cummins

    This was taken when i put new tires, wheels, and stacks on it
  5. 18x10 Mazzi Hulk

    18x10 Mazzi Hulk

    These are 18x10 Mazzi Hulks on a 37x13.50 Toyo Open Country.
  6. Old Cummins

    Old Cummins

  7. My new skins

    My new skins

    285/75 R16 General Grabbers. Bastards mounted them inside out, I wanted white/reds out.