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  1. Tire and Wheel 3rd Gen
    Looking for some help in figure out the biggest size tires I can fit on here. I just bought the truck and it needs new tires shortly. it has a 3 inch lift and the tires currently are 33x12.50x20 Wondering what the specs would be. Thanks in advanced
  2. 4th Gen Tire and wheel
    Needing to get 2 front tires for my 2012 ram 3500 st. It currently has 305/70/17's on them. Would it hurt anything to run 33x12.50 on the fronts? My main concern would be the abs light coming on and taking out my cruise control, makes those 4 hour drives feel like 12. Seems the true 33s have...
  3. 2nd Gen Tire and Wheel
    I’m sure this has been asked many times... bought Toyo Open Country M/T 315/75R16 tires, along with American Racing AR172 16x10 8x6.5 wheels with a -25 mm offset. anyone running a similar setup? Anyone know what type of lift or leveling kit I need to clear the 35s with that offset? any help...
  4. Introductions
    Hello All, I'm a new 2019 Ram DRW owner and want to gain knowledge on my new truck. This is the place to be so here I am! I love the truck but want to do something with those skinny factory tires. The tires are fully inflated off the lot and ride really stiff. Not necessarily ready for wheels...
  5. tires and wheels

    Pic with stock wheels and 265 Cooper STT's
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  6. tires and wheels

    After with the new wheels and tires
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1-7 of 7 Results