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  1. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    Hey all, just thought I would share my little project I just completed. I installed an 1/8" thick aluminum sheet onto my tailgate to create a flat work surface. Got tired of things falling over, drinks spilling, being uncomfortable to sit on, and hard to clean. I had my local metal supplier...
  2. 89-93 Non-Powertrain
    Hey guys I’m just curious I’m supposed to be buying a tailgate off of a guy to put on my truck and want to make sure it will fit. The tailgate in question is on a 1981 d150 and I’m wanting it to go onto my 1992 d250. Thanks for the help!
  3. 2010-2012 General Discussion
    Hello, I need to replace my tailgate, where is the best place to purchase a pw7 bright white painted tailgate? Need some input on the best pricing. 4th gen.
  4. 2010-2012 Non-Powertrain
    I always carry a toolbox in the bed of my truck. However, it is always moving around and in the way. I have thought about the swing toolbox... but the price and location are not ideal. I came across some YouTube videos of people that have cut out a cavity in the tailgate to make an integrated...
  5. 2010-2012 Non-Powertrain
    I was searching for something I've noticed on my tailgate and wonder if anyone has seen this together. My little tailgate 3 light bar that's stock on 4th gen (3rd gen?) dually trucks is not lighting up with rest of the marker lights, and license plate lamps do light up as well. But I also...
  6. 2010-2012 General Discussion
    Figured I'd put this up for those of you who have the same problem I do with the 4th gen trucks... tailgates are notorious for rust and they aren't that cheap to replace unless you find one with matching paint from a wrecker. I was quoted $800 to paint a new tailgate + $400 for the tailgate...
  7. 2010-2012 General Discussion
    Hello all. I don't post much but learn a lot reading others. I searched for help but come up empty. My truck is a 2012 Ram 2500 Cummins. I've had a electronic lock installed in my tailgate for years. Works great but recently it buzzes loudly and doesn't lock or unlock the tailgate. The actuator...
1-8 of 8 Results