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  1. New stacks installed

    New stacks installed

    Just mounted my new 5" Aussie stacks from Grand Rock.
  2. 1999 cummins

    1999 cummins

    This was taken when i put new tires, wheels, and stacks on it
  3. My new rig, with Stacks installed

    My new rig, with Stacks installed

    Just got the 48 inch straight cut stacks in, sounds really good. I will upload more photos when Alaska turns green, and they stand out;-)
  4. The Dodge 2

    The Dodge 2

  5. The dodge

    The dodge

    I like the stock look so it looks normal but runs like a champ....
  6. with stacks

    with stacks

    a little more recent, with the stacks. Sorry it's sideways.
  7. 07 3500

    07 3500

  8. My Baby!

    My Baby!

    Well here are a few pictures of my truck in the summer of 2009. There will be many more changes when the summer of 2010.
  9. alltork truck

    alltork truck

    truck with stacks and 37s
  10. IMG_0955_Large_


    home brew stacks