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  1. 2003-04 WTB/WTT
    I think/hope this is the right section for this. I have a 03 DRW truck and would like to make it a SRW. I can find everything I need to make this happen but my hope is that someone here is looking to accomplish the opposite. I am not looking to sell, buy or take any money for this and if you...
  2. 2010-2012 Powertrain
    I recently swapped a 2010 dually axle onto my 2012 Ram 3500 SRW. Doing so, I kept the 2012 brake lines since the 2010 uses one line coming from the master and splits into 2 at the axle. To get the truck moving, I just removed the ABS connections from the mix and went down the road, since the...
  3. 2010+ WTB/WTT
    Looking for a set of OEM SRW 18" 5 or 6 spoke wheels. bonus for the 5th spare. prefer to have the TPMS sensors in them. In WYoming, willing to travel to Salt lake, Billings, Rapid City, Fort Collins.
  4. Introductions
    This truck means a lot to me. My Dad purchased this brand new from Dave Smith Motors (largest Ram dealer in the world). When he bought this, he joked "this will be the last truck I'll ever need!" He was only 57 at the time and I thought his expectations were too high for the lifespan of this...
  5. The One

    Found her online while I was in Iraq. I was hooked instantly.
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1-5 of 5 Results