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  1. 4th Gen Non-Powertrain
    Howdy all. I have to vacuum all 3 of my trucks at least once a week including the wife’s city bomber (ram 1500) from the dog hair. Unfortunately they all have carpet but my 4th Gen is the absolute worst. After vacuuming it really doesn’t look much different in hers. I’m wondering what other guys...
  2. 2019+ General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have a 2021 ram 2500 big horn cummins being built and i ordered it on 3/11/2021 at 5:03pm. It Currently is at D1 status with a Vin and a VON with Eta ship date 4/12/2021. Does this time frame seem correct or should i expect longer wait times. Says all parts are allocated for my...
  3. 2010-2012 General Discussion
    Hey y’all, quick question. I knew Ram split off from the Dodge name in 2009/2010. My question is, my 2012 2500 has “DODGE” emboldened on the original center console. Any reason as to why this would be on there if it’s just a Ram? Thanks!
  4. 2013-2018 Non-Powertrain
    Hey all. Noticed the other day that my Speedo is way out. With both radar and GPS I’m off by about 10km/h. Truck thinks it’s going faster than it is, so it’s actually counting faster on my odometer as well which is lame. Currently tuned through EFI LIVE, but I’ve heard you can’t adjust for tire...
  5. 5th Gen Powertrain
    Hi everyone, I have a flatbed towtruck with a 2017 ram Cummins 6.7. Randomly while driving the engine will cut off. All electronics stay working. Happens once a week or so. I have to sit there and crank the engine for several minutes (like a fuel pump) then it will start up and drive like...
  6. 2011 Ram 2500 Front End

    Front Grille after new bumper and grille
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  7. 2013 Ram 2500 Tradesman, upgrades

    This picture is with the factory wheel to wheel sides steps, spray in bed liner, Cobra CB with dual 4' Firestick II antennas.
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  8. 2013 Ram 2500 Tradesman, new

    This picture is when I first brought it home from the dealership. No upgrades in this photo.
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  9. My ram

    My ram after removing ugly step bars that it came with.
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  10. 06 Big Horn

    SLT Quad Cab 4X4. Lifted enough to need AMP power running boards. Chromed enough to turn heads. I've driven trucks most of my life but until I bought this truck, I've never received compliments almost daily on my rig. The only performance parts I have ever invested in is the Banks Ram air (mostl
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  11. pulling out some friends

    went out to retrieve some stuck Ford Broncos
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  12. Another pic

    just got back from driving my hunting area in Mccleansboro Illinois.
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1-20 of 32 Results