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ram 2500 2nd gen

  1. 2013-2018 General Discussion
    There is this 2001 Ram 2500 with 170k miles on it I'm looking at. Transmission and clutch were redone a couple years ago with heavier duty parts. Truck is super clean compared to many on the market and he wants about 14k for it. Just wondering what another opinion might be, I can post more about...
  2. 911 Urgent Situations
    So we've got a ranch truck, 1999 2wd 24V 2500 It's been having fuel delivery issues on and off for a while now. It seemed to run rough occasionally, and then fine the next day. The past couple days it ran fine, but the last time we drove it, the go pedal went right to the floor with almost no...
  3. The Intimidator

    The Intimidator

    As I bought it - no mods yet.