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  1. 98.5-02 Non-Powertrain
    Hey guys. I posted a few years back about a close family friend I was contemplating the purchase of a truck from but at the time was not on board spending the money they wanted (Sentimental value). They have recently lost interest due to typical northeast issues like brake lines and control...
  2. Short bed conversion

    Short bed conversion

    After we took the duel bed off and shortened the frame made a single cab short bed. Also took out the Dana 80 with 5.38s and swapped it for a Dana 70 with 3.55s and an LSD Pic is on Bald roll around 35s and 16inch rims.
  3. The Start, 124k miles duely 2wd flat bed

    The Start, 124k miles duely 2wd flat bed

    Bought the truck as a duel flat bed with low miles 97 truck basic everything stock everything used to be a line pulling truck has 5.38 gears in the rear end.