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  1. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    What’s up y’all. Im gonna be installing my edge EGT probe this weekend. Im debating if I should do it at the 3/4 Cylinder or at the 90° bend before the turbo. What will give me the best readings and where is y’all’s set up at? Maybe I’m just overthinking it? :D Thanks in advance.
  2. 03-07 Performance Parts Discussion
    04 cummins with edge attitude monitor (older grey style) on stock running smarty s06 pod with TNT-R sw1. Just recently switched from REVO sw7. Now my egts are acting crazy. Goes from 300° at idle and steady/quickly climbs to 1800° within 10 miles while doing 55mph empty!!! 😳 (i have my alarm...
1-2 of 2 Results