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  1. 94-98 Powertrain
    Well I have been looking for this part for a long time now and all I see are parts that are 50+ dollars. I really don’t want to pay that for a small joint. I wanted to know if you guys new any where I could get the controll rod joint cheaper or where I could get a aftermarket or non oem one. I...
  2. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    I personally look on Xtreme Diesel Performance, Diesel Power Products, Geno's, and RockAuto. What places would you recommend looking at and why?
  3. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    Hello new user. I am searching for a NV5600 or G56 swap kit for my 2006. I have a 48re that is slipping right now and wanted to see if anyone has a transmission for sale or a truck they are parting out. I am located in Stratford, Oklahoma and would like to keep around a 175 mile range. Please...