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  1. 94-98 Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey y'all, I haven't posted in an aeon, all stuff I could figure out. Here's a good one tho. Piles of white smoke (unburnt fuel) out the exhaust, dead number 1 cylinder on a 95 dodge ram, CTD,12v p-pump manual that fires up instantly and runs great. On 5 cylinders. Cranking sound is even on...
  2. 89-93 Powertrain
    So.. I p pump swapped my truck everything went smoothly except one thing im getting caught up on, the kick down cable, the original one of the ve pump doesn't work nor does the one off the 2nd gen I pulled the pump off of. I have the 3 speed tranny with no overdrive. I think its a a518. If some...
  3. 94-98 Performance Parts Discussion
    I just installed a 806 p-pump to replace my 842 pump but I don't have near the power I did before. I have the timing at 13.5 and I have checked multiple times! I have afc live installed (yes I have tried full power switch) and 4k springs with the rack plug. I pulled a delivery valve and it has...
  4. P-Pump conversion

    P-Pump conversion