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  1. pulling out some friends

    pulling out some friends

    went out to retrieve some stuck Ford Broncos
  2. Another pic

    Another pic

    just got back from driving my hunting area in Mccleansboro Illinois.
  3. 18x10 Mazzi Hulk

    18x10 Mazzi Hulk

    These are 18x10 Mazzi Hulks on a 37x13.50 Toyo Open Country.
  4. My new skins

    My new skins

    285/75 R16 General Grabbers. Bastards mounted them inside out, I wanted white/reds out.
  5. muddin'


    day after our first muddin session together
  6. .............sure you can turn around in there

    .............sure you can turn around in there

    it took a small newholland and another cummins to get me out!