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  1. 2010-2012 Non-Powertrain
    Hey everybody, hope you're having a good Christmas/New year, My 2011 Laramie MC with "dark slate leather-trimmed" (aka black) interior is missing the passenger and driver side headrests for the rear seat. I have been searching high and low for some replacements but haven't had any luck. So far...
  2. 2013-2018 General Discussion
    So to preface this I have had this truck for about 2 1/2 years now bought it from a dealership in Ohio, but truck was originally from Florida I believe. Got it delivered sight unseen with 141k miles and it just broke 152k. Truck is entirely stock as I'm writing this however I have a Calibrated...
  3. 12v Conversion Build Threads With Shop Talk
    I want to know info on the swap from a 5.7 auto 4x4 to a 5.9 12v 1st gen manual 4x4 motor mounts are they the same as when people use the 1/4 plate for the common rail swaps should I buy a 95 auto to throw behind the 12v or use my manual swap while I’m at it NOTE I do not need advice on your...
  4. 03 - 07 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would have a pair of oem stock front coil springs for a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 ? Currently have a 3 In Carli lift and want to go back to stock
  5. 2019+ Tire and wheel
    I ordered a 2021 Ram 3500 Mega Cab, Night Edition, HO motor, 4.10 gears, 4x4. -keeping the 17" night edition rims -thinking 295's or even 35's; with minimal rear tire sticking out past the fender (some is fine) -don't want rubbing or trimming Keeping in mind that Ride Quality is my biggest...
  6. 2010-2012 General Discussion
    Hey I’m curious to hear some opinions. I’m looking at a 2012 3500 auto but it has 196k miles. It sounds good, fully deleted, head studs. Is the mileage something I should concern myself with? have any of you experienced any other issues with the ‘12 trucks? is there anything you’d recommend...
  7. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    Live someplace where its hot and muggy throughout the year? Does you a/c work great on the highway only to get hot and stinky at a stoplight and then get cold again once you start moving? Well, assuming your cooling fan and your a/c system are all in working order; I have a solution that some...
  8. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    Hey guys. I'm new here. I did a lot of looking around the forum, and have found a lot of great information.I am currently looking for a Dodge/Ram truck with the Cummins Diesel. I've always had Ford trucks before, and my last was a 2000 F250 SD with the 7.3L PS and a 6 spd. It was a beast, but I...
  9. Baron's 2012 Mega Cab

    2012 RAM 3500 MEGA CAB LARAMIE 4x4 SRW H.O.800; 4.10
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  10. My Truck #2

    Just washed!
  11. Steve's Mega Cab

    My Work Truck. I am not crazy about the color of the logos - not enough "snap". I plan to use black logos or an electric blue in the near future.
1-20 of 21 Results