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  1. 2001 Texas TDR Rally

    27' RV from Conroe to Kerrville TX for the TDR Rally weekend
  2. Dana 80; 3.55:1 & Anti-Spin

    Dana 80 with 3.55:1 and Anti-Spin. Mag-Hytec cover. OEM Camper Package anti-sway bar and overload springs. Basically a 3500 SRW back in 2001.
  3. My first Cummins Ram

    2001 3500 QC 6x6. 5 speed NV4500 trans. EDGE 3-light box. Otherwise stock. Great truck but it rode like one!
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  4. My 2nd Ram

    2001 QC SB ETC NV4500 that I bought new late in 2001. Really loved this truck. Kicked myself for selling it in 2005. SLT Plus with everything but leather. Link to the options on that RAM:
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1-5 of 5 Results