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  1. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    I’ve recently got my transmission built here by a local shop, billet input, triple disc converter, and a heavy duty rebuild kit. They did some machining on the valve body but It still has the 1-2 shuttle shift and 3-4 shuttle shift. At some point I would like to get a billet output just for some...
  2. British Columbia
    Hey guys, I’ve found some info regarding places to mount cb’s on the forum, but not many regarding a vhf radio like mine. I’m not sure how much I like the in-dash look (under radio), it’s clean but not sure if I want to keep the stock deck or not yet. Wondering if you guys had any ideas where...
  3. Bully Dog Tuner Install 3

    Bully Dog Tuner Install 3

    OPD mudule under dashboard is out of the way and unobtrusive. It is also easily removed for factory service.