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  1. General Common Conversion FAQ & Tech
    So eventually I'll be putting a Cummins into a ford and not sure witch trans to use I know the zf-6 is strong and it's a lot easier to use but just how long would it last behind a 600hp compound turbo cummins. The fuller fso 8406 will never brake as it's very beefy but it'll be a lot more work...
  2. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    Hi all, I picked up a 7 speed Eaton w/OD TX-8607B. It’s going in a 2002 3500 24v 4x4 auto. I have most things sorted as far as a bellhousing, flywheel and clutch. Then I’m getting a hand from a local driveline shop for the T-case and shafts. The only thing now would be the clutch linkage and...
1-2 of 2 Results