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  1. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    Alright guys, I’ve been reading threads on these forums for awhile now, and I’ve got a question that I can’t seem to have anybody help me with. So Cummins owners/mechanics, I have a 99 24valve 5speed, 4wd. Edge comp box, I have replaced the lift pump with an AirDog Raptor, new Fuel Head that...
  2. 94-98 Powertrain
    Morning everyone. I wanted to get some advice on a miss I’m having. I recently purchased a 95 2500. It was an old farm truck. The PO didn’t do a great job at maintaining it so I’ve been going through it. I’ve been chasing down a miss and I think I’ve narrowed it down. First, there is almost no...
  3. New fuel system on the block

    New fuel system on the block

    Check out the Eliminator Gerotor, quiet, 200 gph, boost referenced to 70 psi...... billet perfection, removes air too.....