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fox shocks
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  1. 98.5-02 Non-Powertrain
    Got me a 2001 Ram 3500 but it’s a single rear wheel conversion with two 2500 axles on it. It’s got a two inch level in the front. I’m looking to make it ride a little nicer cause I feel every damn little crack in the road. Any suggestions. I have wheels and tires coming in soon so nothing can be...
  2. 89-93 Non-Powertrain
    Hey guys just wondering if anybody has had any luck in finding a reservoir shock for our first gen trucks 4x4 of course. I've seen a good number of people on social media who run them but nobody seems to remember the part numbers. Im really interested in some Bilsteins or Fox shocks if anyone...
  3. 98.5-02 Non-Powertrain
    Trying to decide with one to get I have a 2000 24 valve and have his XS coils, just looking for Any info I can get on these! Thanks
  4. Fox & Fabtech Setup

    Dual Fox Shock and Fabtech Setup
1-4 of 4 Results