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  1. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    What up fellas I got a 99 24v recently and the guy before me has this Oasis lift Pump on it. I’m looking to change the filters on it but I can’t find any information on the company/pump anywhere. The guys before me who had the truck for 30kish miles said he had never touched it, so it must’ve...
  2. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    I have bought a Fass 165 Titanium Signature series pump that came off a duramax. Bought the correct fittings to hook it up to my truck and also installed a sump. Pump flows good into a bucket, getting good fuel flow without air and such. But when I hooked up a electronic pressure gauge through...
  3. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    Im swapping a 24valve into a 82 ford f100 the thing is I bought the engine and tranny both for 1300 and is missing some stuff. It has no lift pump or filter on the block and was wondering if I could install a FASS or Air-dog and not have to put the factory lift pump and filter. Also would...
  4. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    I just completed my install of a thoroughbred vp44 and a fass 165, and I’m hoping to get every ounce of life possible out of my new vp44. I have a fuel pressure gauge and a low pressure warning light plumbed in for peace of mind, but what concerns me is if I were to let a female drive and she...
  5. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    Good day everyone, Im going today to look at a 99 Dodge Ram 24V, 216K on the clock. I’m fairly new to the diesel game, I’m studying gas engines/cars at my community college, so by no means am I a rookie at anything that has an engine. Just not 100% positive on the diesel slang and terms/inner...
  6. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 extended cab long bed 6 speed. I bought it this Monday and it had a p0216 code when I bought it. So I bit the bullet and drove it home. Luckily I made it all the way back. I had a KNOWN GOOD vp44 in my shop That I installed aswell as a Fass direct replacement pump...
  7. 2003 & Early 2004 Only Discussion
    Any recommendations for a shop that will sell me and install a Fass lift pump? I have a 2003 5.9 with a stock in-tank pump currently on its way out. I’m in northern MA and will go to southern NH as well. Also about how much am I looking at for a labor cost? Thanks!
  8. fass sideview

    fass sideview

    Mega Cab fass 150/150 install.
  9. fass installed

    fass installed

    Mega Cab fass 150/150 install.
  10. modified bracket

    modified bracket

    Mega Cab fass 150/150 install.
  11. fass mounting bracket

    fass mounting bracket

    Mega Cab fass 150/150 install.