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  1. 03 - 07 3rd Gen 5.9 Liter General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have a quick question I hope someone can help me with. I just bought my first Cummins for work yesterday and I need to put a new exhaust system on it. It is a 2006 laramie 5.9 and I wanted to know if I could put an exhaust system from a newer truck on it. I have no idea if the...
  2. 2010 and up - All Products
    I have a full factory exhaust system off of a 17 2500 cab for sale. ≈75k mi, no issues. 650 obo. I can’t ship it, willing to meet in west GA or Atl area
    $650 USD
  3. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    I've been looking for some type of exhaust for my 04.5 cummins and have seen all kinds of name brands selling glass pack exhausts and all kinds of mufflers. All I have on it now is a 4 inch diameter strait pipe, but I want some type of exhaust that sounds good, is loud, but is legal in all...
  4. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    I’m am trying to research the loudest exhaust system for the 03-07 common rails. What’s the raspiest exhaust system or manifold? Not trying to sound like a dummy or nothing just wanting to know.
  5. 2013-2018 General Discussion
    I’ve searched and searched online and can’t find anything. Before I order one, I wanted to see if anyone has pictures of a chrome elbow exhaust tip with 12” wide wheels. I’m curious how much stick out you get when using one. I’m also interested in any other different exhaust tip setups, if you...
  6. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    Since I got my truck(04.5 5.9 nv5600), on occasion the exhaust would sputter almost sound like it was missing, but recently it has seemed to have gotten worse. It only really happens from idle-1100rpm free rev, worse at 800-1000, and maybe sounds like it on decel under 1500, it isn’t bad cold...
  7. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    Hello! I have a 2006 dodge 2500 qcsb. Really struggling to find a turbo back exhaust kit in either 4” or 5” where are you guys finding them at? I’ve seen one kit on eBay,”Maximizer HP” however not too sure about it.
  8. 2010-2012 Non-Powertrain
    Hey y’all, I saw a few videos of some older 2nd Gens that right when they shifted there was a loud turbo bark (suction noise). This isn’t like the typical 5.9 flutter you hear after letting off the gas. Looked at the comments and people were saying it was called a “pente na turbina” mod because...
  9. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    hey guys I have a 2004 with the factory upgrade exhaust brake from the dealer.. Can I upgrade to a 4" downpipe with that factory turbo mount exhaust brake? How much louder is the in-cab noise with a straight pipe vs having a muffler?
  10. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    I just ordered a new drop in replacement turbo for my 2004.5, I don’t think it is but after reading around I’ve heard that the stock manifold can shrink and I don’t wanna risk having to try and put it back on. What are some good budget conscious manifolds? I want a stock location t3 3rd gen...
  11. 89-93 Non-Powertrain
    Hey guys, I own a '91 12 valve N.I. W250. I found the 4" exhaust that was cobbled together by the previous owner has an awful rattle against a cross support on the truck. Ill post a video i took to give a better idea. It is worse when the truck is in gear. Have any of you experienced this or...
  12. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey, I’ve been looking around at some “3rd gen kits” lately and have a few questions. The BD kit is really nice and has the Borg Warner S363 SXE turbo that I want, but I hate that their manifold has EGR ports... I’ve also seen the Smeding Diesel Kit, but I know nothing about them.. And then...
  13. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    I was looking to see if this was already brought up but I wasn’t able to see anything so now that it’s near impossible to find a turbo back system what are my options to get a turbo back. I don’t have any emission testing so that not an issue.
  14. cut off

    i cut off the exhaust and put a turn down all the little ricers wonder what it is and when they see me blow smoke they tell me my truck is about to blow up lol
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1-14 of 14 Results