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  1. 2013-2018 Powertrain
    I was hoping TransEngineer would be able to help, but I saw that he retired and hopefully he is enjoying the time off! Anyway hoping someone else has seen this issue or something similar. Codes: P0933/P0740/B1642 (this last one might not be related) I recently replaced my stock turbo with a...
  2. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    Yesterday my work truck started to run hotter than normal. I checked the coolant and it was full. I ran it and made sure there weren’t any air bubbles. The temp reached 200 and the thermostat didn’t open. I drained the radiator, washed all the coils and changed the thermostat. I drove the truck...
  3. 98.5-02 Non-Powertrain
    Over this 2022 winter my truck was starting and driving great, i parked it later at night i think about 8 pm and when i tried to start it the next morning my fuel pump never turned on and my starter is not receiving proper voltage to the relay. I think i can hear a click but nothing happens. I...
  4. 2013-2018 Non-Powertrain
    Error Code P2459 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can’t seem to find any info on this engine code.
  5. 2013-2018 Non-Powertrain
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cant seem to find any info or videos pertaining to the error code.
1-5 of 5 Results