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  1. 07.5 to 09 3rd Gen All Products
    It is an old school programmer, but will get you gauges, (boost, EGT, Trans and others) and an extra 80HP Original Edge Products Juice with Attitude for 2007.5-2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 - 6.7L Cummins Diesel 5 On the fly adjustable power levels Power Level 1 25 HP and 70 lb-ft Power Level 2 40...
    $400 USD
  2. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    Hello all, first post here. I can not get in contact with edge tech support, called multiple times been on hold for hours for days. Really frustrated. Just got my edge cts3 and plugged her in, my truck is an 00 Cummins, bought it from the salvage auction not too long ago came with a lot of...
  3. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    2017 2500. My edge display will not get past the "initializing" screen. It has been working for years & just stopped. Any thoughts?
  4. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a 99 24v with the Edge Juice with attitude and my buddy has an Edge comp box on his. Both trucks are set up exactly the the same aside from the tuners. I have always heard that both tuners offer the same amount of power but he seems to outrun me every time. Is the comp box better than the...
  5. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys, first post here! I just got my first 3rd gen, and it has an Edge Products box sitting in front of the driver side battery. However, there’s nothing in the cab for a tuner? The box is hooked up and the wires run back to the firewall then down and I can’t figure out where they go from...
  6. 98.5-02 Performance Parts Discussion
    Just got an edge juice with attitude for my 01 24v but the cts screen is not connecting to the module, everything is all hooked up and tapped into, everything has power, it’s just not connecting and letting me do anything, anybody know what the problem could be?
  7. 98.5-02 Non-Powertrain
    To start out, Im new to the forum and I have asked many questions and scoured countless threads but haven't seen anything that quite mimicked my problems so this is my desperate call for help. Lengthy post but I want to get all the info across so, My 98.5 started out with symptoms of a return...
  8. 07.5 - 09 3rd Gen 6.7L Powertrain
    Getting a very loud rattle and loss of power if I accelerate hard, normally happens between 1500-2000 rpm, gets worse if I turn up the fuel or timing with my juice with attitude, I’ve replaced the fuel pump/ fuel filter/ fca/ and put in a rail plug, still no change. The truck will blow black...
  9. 4th Gen Performance Parts Discussion
    I currently have a H&S mini MAXX on my 2011 Cummins and was wondering if I can stack the Edge juice with attitude? Truck is deleted Thanks,
  10. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    My 06 ctd runs funky so I have to reset the EDGE chip, why? So, the wife parked the 06 ram ctd, took out the key, but the truck continued to run. I assumed it was the turbo timer, however it never turned off and started running really funky sounding. It's then that i know I need to unhook my...
  11. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    04 cummins with edge attitude monitor (older grey style) on stock running smarty s06 pod with TNT-R sw1. Just recently switched from REVO sw7. Now my egts are acting crazy. Goes from 300° at idle and steady/quickly climbs to 1800° within 10 miles while doing 55mph empty!!! 😳 (i have my alarm...
  12. 05 3500

    05 3500 5.9 24V 6 Speed w/ Exhaust Brake Fab Four Bumpers, Fuels on Open Country's, BDS Long Arm Lift, Halo Lights, Warn Winch, 5'' Exhuast, S&B Intake, Edge Juice Attitude
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1-12 of 12 Results