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ecm pcm diagnosis

  1. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    Truck is still not cranking over I can’t pull the P codes-when I do the key on-off 3 times. when I turn the key on gear indicator lights nos coming up. when I test the cluster The gear indicator lights,trans over temp, and WTS light doesnot come on. and code C542 S35=315 flashes in the ODO...
  2. 4th Gen Non-Powertrain
    Hello All, I’be got some problems with my truck. 2012 Big Horn Crew can short bed w 151,000 miles. Truck went in to get a new oil pan and abs module. The mechanics messed something up and couldn’t figure it out. P-2262 code and ECM intermittent. Can’t turn traction control on, no abs, no...
  3. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    I have an 05 2500 with multiple issues. The transmission jumps around when up to temperature and doesn't go into overdrive 4x4 light in dash doesn't illuminate Codes are P2509 and P0642 I will add that the grid passenger side battery popped a while back, and had a grid heater solenoid burn. What...
  4. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    Hi guys need serious help here my ecm is throwing weird codes and not communicating with my smarty already called Smarty and they are just as puzzled as I am I would have thought ground but battery cables are new and engine and frame grounds are sanded to bare metal someone please help
  5. 98.5-02 Powertrain
    1st post here.. if I did something wrong let me know! Anyways, truck ran fine when I left it. Then I had to get it shipped/trucked home. When it came off the lowboy, it was hard to start, then it wouldn’t start. I’m not getting power to VP, or my lift pump. Battery voltage reads 0. Wait to start...
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