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  1. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    Okay guys so I bought a 2006 Dodge ram 2500 from auction recently when it got delivered to my house both batteries were dead we had to use to jump box is to start it to pull in my driveway. First thing I did in the morning was buy two brand new batteries to start the truck. It fired right up so...
  2. 94-98 Powertrain
    I have a 1996 Ram 2500 it has the 8.0 V10, I have these codes P0743- TCC P0500-VSS P0152- 02 sensor P1762 my question is, the valve body has been replaced, now I have these codes ( I need to delete and then see what pops up) but I finally got it all up and going, ) it was starting out in 2nd...
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    Big Blue's bath