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  1. 94-98 Powertrain
    Hey all. I’m new to the forums, I recently purchased a 97’ 2500 with the 12 valve 5.9. I found it in the bushes at a job I bid, the owner said that he drove it until 2015 he got a new truck. It hasn’t ran since. He said fuel pump was going when he last drove it so I instantly put in a new pump...
  2. Delaware
    [email protected] If anyone you can point or leave me in a Direction 2 finding a Cummings four-wheel drive I would greatly appreciate it I've been searching for a while have a budget of 10,000 cash which I will be willing to used to purchase the truck
  3. 94-98 Performance Parts Discussion
    Ever since i got my truck i’ve wanted to build it so i was wondering what other thought about it if you had around 10k (give or take) how would you build it and what would be the main thing to focus on first and my truck so bone stock at the moment also it’s a 12 valve has around 400k is but i...
1-4 of 4 Results