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  1. 4BT Conversion Build Threads With Shop Talk
    So here’s just a question, I was wondering if I do the 4BT with the SM 465 well I still need to up the shaft on the transmission or is that motor low enough torque and low enough horsepower that it won’t tear up the transmission. From what I understand you guys are going off of like a 12 valve...
  2. 24v or CR Conversion Build Threads With Shop Talk
    I have a 1990 Chevy Eclb 2wd phantom dually and I was looking at buying this 2000 eclb 4x4 dodge. Would it be easier to frame swap it or should I just motor and Bruce Jenner swap it. Was wanting to make it 4x4 as well. Let me know what y'all think, this is what I was wanting to do with the chevy...
  3. 12v Conversion Build Threads With Shop Talk
    I have a 1988 chevy k3500 4x4 with the 454 big block in it. I wanted to do a 12 valve swap into it with NV4500. What are some of the issues that I have to worry about? Like oil pan clearance, new engine mounts etc.
  4. "Baby"

    My '57 Bel Air. 283- Powerglide.
1-6 of 6 Results