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  1. 98.5-02 Non-Powertrain
    Just bought a 98.5 24v 2nd gen and need to do a cab swap, I don't know where to start. This is my first vehicle and first project. I have done lots of research but haven't been able to find information on what to do first, I know that I can't just "dig into it" and start with what looks like...
  2. 03 - 07 3rd Gen 5.9 Liter General Discussion
    Greetings all, I have a Dodge 3500 Single axel quad cab 5.9L with only 24,000 miles on it. I was t-boned between the drivers and rear passenger door. It was totaled. I’ve had a number of people people tell me different ways to fix it, one being a cab swap, the other being replacing the damaged...
  3. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    I wanna know what’s not going to work in the gasser bad if I just plug it in and call it good
1-3 of 3 Results