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cab and chassis

  1. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    I have a 95 ram 3500 cab and chassis that had a heil dump body on it. I took it off in hopes of putting a flatbed on it. 96 inches of frame rail from cab to end. 60 inches cab to axle. 34 inch frame rails. My biggest issue is the width of the rear wheels at 84 inches. That seems narrow to put an...
  2. 2013-2018 General Discussion
    2014 5500 deleted, ctt tune, fleece cheetah jus installed, truck won't make more than 4-7 psi unless u down shift an get it up to 3k rpm. Exhaust brake is still working. Sounds like something is stopped up u can't hear turbo anymore when trying to accelerate, it even sounds different at an...
  3. 4th Gen Cab & Chassis
    Do y’all know if a long bed will line up on a 13 cab and chassis ?