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  1. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    I bought a used 04.5 without a bed, and the main bed harness for the taillights and trailer is pretty damaged, does anyone have a part number for that harness, or maybe a diagram for it so i can fix it? Its a 3500 with all of the bed and tailgate lights and I believe a 7 pin plug.
  2. bed floor 92 project

    bed floor 92 project

    look at the floor of this 25 year old bed! Its hardly even scratched.
  3. work


    removing old bed
  4. Xtreme Liner on Rockers, Flares, and Bed

    Xtreme Liner on Rockers, Flares, and Bed

    This is the best picture I have of my truck with the Xtreme Liner so far. We haven't had a sunny day in forever. I hope to have a better pic soon!