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  1. 4th Gen Tire and Wheel
    Is anybody on 19.5’s and running a “all season type” tire? thinking about the Michelin XDE2+ G14 just wanted to check in and see who else has gone this way. Not worried about unloaded driving as its full time dedicated to a Camper thats gonna be pushing the limit for the GVRW so looking for...
  2. Another pic of side

    Rides pretty smooth, not as rough as i thought it would be. They are durabrites wrapped with yokohama 255/70r22.5
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  3. 07 Megacab

    No leveling kit, No rubbing.
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  4. calm befor the storm

    ridding high on 22.5
  5. turn_arnd

    My 05 3500
1-5 of 5 Results