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  1. 4th Gen Powertrain
    Did my first fluid and filter change on the Aisin Transmission yesterday. I decided to make a video on it, hopefully this can help some people out. Check it out let me know how I did
  2. 5th Gen Powertrain
    I’m planning on loading tuning on my 2020 3500 HO this evening. I know on the 68rfe trucks you have to go thru a relearn process. Do you do the same on the Aisin? I thought the Aisin actually has its own, separate TCM and since there’s no tuning for the tranny? I need to know before I throw a...
  3. Truck 1.jpg

    Truck 1.jpg

    "New to me" 2015 Ram Laramie 3500 4x4 dually.