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  1. 4th Gen Cab & Chassis
    After many issues with our deleted Dodge 4500, our mechanic finally replaced the engine wiring harness. This fixed the limp mode and just not starting at all but since it was installed, we are randomly getting an Exhaust Service Required message and when it comes on, we lose the exhaust brake...
  2. 4th Gen Tech Articles
    According the Banks website the Banks Mega Ram Carb complaint edition “doesn’t fit Cab and Chassis”. To be honest it doesn’t but with some more effort and some persuasion it actually does. So right from the start you will notice that factory intake horn on the cab and chassis is different but...
  3. 4th Gen Cab & Chassis
    I have a 2017 ram 5500. Is there any recommendation for a front suspension setup other than oem/Monroe setup? I have heard bilstein, but I am not sure that works. Any suggestions?
  4. 5500 with beds

    here are a couple of the 4500/5500 trucks that we have done with factory bed conversion
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1-4 of 4 Results