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  1. 2010-2012 Powertrain
    Just back back from a trip towing my 30ft travel trailer which is a bumper pull. With the trailer looked up I can’t set my cruise control. When i hit the set button it says esc active. When I disconnect the trailer drive a few miles I get a ding and light is off and cruise works fine. On the way...
  2. 2019+ General Discussion
    So, in 2020 my Laramie had to have the 68RFE transmission replaced (15000 miles). 1 month ago, at 25k miles, I had just started out on my 2nd trip with our camper (weighs 7500 lbs) and the truck lost all power, a huge puff of white smoke billowed from exhaust. I was able to store camper and limp...
  3. 2019+ Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey everyone, so I am deleting my 2019 and having issues finding tuners that work on 2019. I haven’t called the companies to get more details. Wondering what you deleted guys are doing out there and is it pretty forward on deleting these new things (previous truck was a 08 6.7)? Thanks
  4. 2019+ General Discussion
    Hi All, First time poster but have been following the forum for a while. I picked up my new 2019 3500 Mega Cab at the beginning of the year and have been adding to it here and there, mostly for practicality; steps, spray in liner and the Mopar bed step. Looking for advice on some more mods,I...
1-4 of 4 Results