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  1. 03 - 07 3rd Gen 5.9 Liter General Discussion
    Hi everyone, brand new here and first post on here. I’ve been reading into tons of posts from 1st gen to 5th gen but decided 3rd gen would be the right fit for me. Only issue is where I live they are few and far between. Either high mileage with light rust. Or low mileage with lots of rust...
  2. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    Hey all I got a 2005 3500 2wd Dually I want to put on air ride I found a kit for the front I’m just wondering has anyone ever converted to full air ride I have a compressor and tanks already on the truck here’s a link to what I have found for the front Trust The Air Suspension Ride Pros; Find...
  3. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    I have been searching on this forum and all over the internet about my issue. My 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Dually has an issue with the cruise control just coming on randomly. Mainly at lower speeds while driving through the city. Is it a clock spring issue or the ECU or some type of throttle...
  4. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    Hi guys, I recently bought a 2005 Cummins dually. The motor was recently rebuilt and runs great, however, the transmission is throwing two-three TTVA codes. Today i went in to replace the TTVA, and low and behold, theres a home made sheetmetal bracket holding it on, not any bolt holes into...
  5. 3rd Gen. Performance Parts Discussion
    What everyone running on their 6 speed trucks? Looking for a good performance boost over stock. Already have FASS and dual disk clutch. Also what’s the best tuning to run? I am currently using a Smarty, thanks
  6. Introductions
    This truck means a lot to me. My Dad purchased this brand new from Dave Smith Motors (largest Ram dealer in the world). When he bought this, he joked "this will be the last truck I'll ever need!" He was only 57 at the time and I thought his expectations were too high for the lifespan of this...
  7. 05 3500

    05 3500 5.9 24V 6 Speed w/ Exhaust Brake Fab Four Bumpers, Fuels on Open Country's, BDS Long Arm Lift, Halo Lights, Warn Winch, 5'' Exhuast, S&B Intake, Edge Juice Attitude
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  8. 2005 Ram Cummins 5.9 turbo.

    3" Lift Upgraded steering system, 5" exhaust, 35-1/2" ATR's pulling a 40' Goose neck.
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  9. Wax Job

    Sun Reflecting!
  10. Interior

    Love the Pattern.
  11. Aerial View

    From Balcony
  12. Wax Job

1-20 of 27 Results