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  1. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    I have had a p0628 code after replacing a fass HD with a titanium series. The old pump was wired directly to intank fuel pump plug but when installing the new pump I wasn’t getting 12v so I did key on power. While the code goes away after so many drive cylcles it comes up as a fuel system error...
  2. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    Hello everyone! I’m having this issue where my abs and brake light chime on the dash either once and stays on or constantly chimes on and off. Also my brake lights stay on for a few seconds longer after stepping off the pedal. Any ideas where to start?
  3. 03-07 Powertrain
    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, For a week now I've finally had my truck back up and running. Had a rail relief failure plaguing me. Ran great starts every day, no loss of power. Runs better than ever. However starting Thursday morning wouldn't crank. No codes, no lights, no fire. She all...
  4. 03-07 Powertrain
    I have a 2004.5 2500 6 speed cab is rusting out. I just purchased an 03 dodge 3500 6 speed. The motor is junk so I planned on bringing my motor from the 04.5 both trucks are complete and run and drive. Do I need to put the 03 harness on the newer motor or can I swap my ecu and harness to the 03?
  5. 03-07 Non-Powertrain
    hey guys i have a no crank at the key situation. i swapped an entire system from one truck to the other i beleive i have everything correct with the electrical, it will crank at the signal wire directly so the starter is good, heres what i have tried: used hptuners to disable skimkey to ensure...
  6. 03-07 Performance Parts Discussion
    Alright I bought the Hamilton 178/208 cam kit with valve springs and rods and when I do the cam I’m going to pull the head and do 100% over injectors, studs , #103 springs. Should I also replace all the valves ? And what machine work should I have done to it ? At the moment the head is 100%...
  7. 03-07 Powertrain
    So a while back, i was driving my truck, (2004.5 ram 3500 nv5600), and the throttle started bucking for about 5 seconds and stopped but it left a code, i think p0220 or p0222, i pulled the exhaust brake and snipped the wire going to the apps wire, the previous owner spliced it right at the ecm...
  8. 03-07 Powertrain
    I drive an 04.5 3500 with a nv5600, when i downshift i try to rev match or double clutch, but does blipping the throttle from idle rpm to say around 2000 rpm hurt the engine at all? Ive been told recently that free revving or revving not under load hurts an engine.
  9. 03-07 Powertrain
    I've got a 2004.5 24 valve , I was stopped at a red light and noticed some white smoke coming from under the truck further investigation led me to the little breather hose for the crankcase, I've done a bit of research and can't seem to find a definitive answer, some say its fine, others say the...
1-9 of 9 Results