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  1. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    As the title states, I'm dealing with a low/no power above 2000RPM issue. I've got an 03 6 speed, original edge CS juice with attitude tuner, cts3 monitor, "cold air intake" with brand new filter. I originally thought this issue was fuel delivery as that is what it is 75% of the time. Replaced...
  2. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    I have a 2003 SO with only 127k on It and was wondering if anyone has ever built the SO version of the common rail? Or at least performance mods. I got an Edge Cs2 tuner which is alright and 5in exhaust. Just curious on what others have done or thoughts on what would be good mods for it
  3. 3rd Gen. Powertrain
    I have a 2004.5 2500 6 speed cab is rusting out. I just purchased an 03 dodge 3500 6 speed. The motor is junk so I planned on bringing my motor from the 04.5 both trucks are complete and run and drive. Do I need to put the 03 harness on the newer motor or can I swap my ecu and harness to the 03?
  4. 3rd Gen. Non-Powertrain
    Hey all. Just had a quick question for y'all. I've been toying with the idea of updating my steering wheel from the ugly (in my opinion) 2003 wheel up to the facelifted 2004-2008 wheel. I've secured a deal on an 8/10 condition wheel with audio switches, cruise switches and airbag with clock...
  5. 2003 & Early 2004 Only Discussion
    Hi all, I would really appreciate some help with this issue I'm having. I am working on a 2003 Dodge 2500 with a 5.9 Cummins. 229,000 miles. Initial complaint was a really rough idle and lots of white smoke. I did a cutout test. All 6 cylinders fluctuated at idle when I cut them out...
  6. 2003 & Early 2004 Only Discussion
    Got a smarty Touch and not overly happy with it. Exceptions might have been high. Anyways what’s your 0-60 times with smarty touch REVO settings and mods. sw9 with rp1, tm 3 and timing 3 4wd 15 psi launch got 10 second 0 to 60 “recording with video camera so give or take a second” sw7 rp 2...
  7. diesel_front_small

    First day I got her in Denny's parking lot
1-9 of 9 Results