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  1. 1st Gen All Products
    I have a 727 3 speed out out of a 1991 w-250 Cummins for sale. Worked when pulled out no issues. PO states that it was rebuilt, from the mileage the PO gave me it would have about 57,000 miles on the rebuild. I did not get any paper work to confirm this. Only reason it was pulled was to upgrade...
  2. 89-93 Non-Powertrain
    Hey guys, I own a '91 12 valve N.I. W250. I found the 4" exhaust that was cobbled together by the previous owner has an awful rattle against a cross support on the truck. Ill post a video i took to give a better idea. It is worse when the truck is in gear. Have any of you experienced this or...
1-2 of 2 Results