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  1. 89-93 Powertrain
    i have a 1990 non-ic 12 valve auto with the torqueflite 727 tranny (3 speed no OD). I was wanting to throw a ratchet shifter on it for a bit but have no clue on how I should set it up or what all parts I should use. what's your opinion? is it worth it? have you or anyone you know done this? what...
  2. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    Leaving for work I ran out of fuel leaving my driveway, I looked here on tips on how to get it back up and running again, I tried a few methods on here to try and reprime my fuel system but no luck I did find out my lift pump is leaking though, it’ll pump easily then it’ll stiffen up and then...
  3. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    Recently bought a set of seats from a 06 Cummins for my 97 second gen. Built the brackets and mounts etc but cannot find a wiring diagram or colour codes for the 06 seats, so that I can use the heated seats. This is my last resort f*** wiring any help would be much appreciated
  4. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    I got a 95 12 valve (completely stock) on January 3rd 2021 ran out of fuel on the freeway and had to tow it home. I put in 11.5 gallons of diesel, which is still sitting in it. I primed the heck out of the button 100 times and nothing, I cracked lines 1-3 and had no luck with fuel coming out...
  5. 94-98 Powertrain
    I have recently swapped out a new timing case on my 12 valve because the old one was cracked, I have everything put back together it has been sitting in the garage for maybe a month and when I go to start it, it cranks but does not start. Not sure if it’s just super cold?Is this a timing...
  6. 94-98 Performance Parts Discussion
    On the 98 12v the filter on the Pusher compound turbo is close to the grill, which is good for cold air. But I'm wondering if anyone has run into any issues with its location due to rain. Seems like the filter might suck in some water.
  7. 94-98 Powertrain
    So I have a 1995 dually 12valve the previous owner had a non oem alternator that didn't bolt right up like a normal replacement alternator, so it broke my upper bracket. So I ordered a new bracket switched back to replacement oem alternator that bolts in right and hooked up and its not putting...
  8. 94-98 Powertrain
    I am completely lost now. I can’t seem to figure out why my 95 12valve won’t charge. I had a voltage regulator on it and it always worked great then it quit and I bought a new one still nothing. So then I replaced the altinator still nothing. Replaced the fuse still nothing . Then I replaced the...
  9. 94-98 Performance Parts Discussion
    How is everyone doing, My name is Colin! I have a 1996 12 valve cummins! I am very new at building cummins! i am trying to create a build list! Possibly ready for new injectors! 4” Straight pipe (Not opposed to changing to 5”) Heres what I have so far, my goal is 700-800 HP 1996 12 Valve...
  10. 94-98 Powertrain
    I have a 97 ram 2500 with a v10 4x4 auto ,a couple of weeks ago I bought a 12 valve out of a 96 2500 4x4 auto I got the pcm,wiring harness,intercooler ,radiator with it what else will I need to do this swap the only other things I can think of is filler neck sending unit and fuel lines
  11. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    I have a 96 2500 12 valve, 196,000 miles. The steering has a lot of play and if you center the wheel the truck wanders to the right, hard. Its been like that for the last 5 years probably, I don't drive it that much or very far, so I never bothered to fix it. Just finally decided to do something...
  12. 94-98 Powertrain
    Never had an issue out of my transmission until the 5th gear nut went out. Had it fixed, some seals replaced and a new clutch put in. Everything fine unless I go to get on the throttle in 4th and 5th at about 10-15psi it sounds like there’s a rattle in the trans and when I haul a trailer...
  13. Her Name Is Daisy

    Her Name Is Daisy

    finally got the ol girl painted! still needs bed liner, new carpet, the seats re-wrapped, and some electrical issues fixed and the restoration will be about done!
  14. Leaving the burnout competition

    Leaving the burnout competition

    2010 Heat wave burout competition
  15. 96 dually

    96 dually

    96 12valve extended cab 3500 4x4 P-Pump from Industrial Injection 4K GSK Hi flow Delivery Valves Set of 370 marine injectors and an Aurora 5000 turbo KDP Tabbed Banks twin ram intake Transmission built to the Hilt Straight exhaust out to the 6 inch Bull Hauller stacks 285 BFG Mud Terrains