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12v 12 valve cummins

  1. 94-98 Performance Parts Discussion
    1994 12 valve Cummins Zf5 transmission 188/220 cam Head studs Beehive valve springs Extreme duty push rods 66/66 silver bullet turbo Rack plug 191 delivery valves 5x20 injectors Fass 240 fuel pump 5 inch straight pipe exhaust Dual disk south bend clutch Dana 60 kingpin...
  2. 94-98 Powertrain
    Hello I’m new
  3. 94-98 Powertrain
    hi guys I’m new here but I need some help with my new to me Cummins. I have a 97 3500 12v all stock no major upgrades. The problem is when I have the ac off the truck runs perfect like new but as soon as it gets turned on you can feels power drain. It runs good just like bogged down it’s a lot...
  4. 94-98 Non-Powertrain
    Around 6 months ago, my brother bought a 2008 ford f350 with a 97 12 valve cummins, it ran great, everything was fine. But around a month ago it began having some issues, the battery dies within 1 hour of shutting the car off. Also when we are driving around the car stalls when we come to a...
  5. '98 12 valve

    '98 12 valve

    poor quality, but there ya go