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well it aint a ford!
these 6.7 early gens are total temperamental bitches i have a 07.5 also. bought not running w 677,000 miles. previous shop ethered it and popped the head. they threw piles o money at it where it sat for a year before i bought it.anyways we did a complete reman on it in our machine shop bored ,valves springs whole shootin match.studs cp3 ,injectors fass total delete.truck ran but like ****, couldnt even safely drive it . tried 2 different tuners- nothin.. borrowed my friends scan tool entered injection code for all 6 same number . no help.WTF! changed filters w only 12 miles on codes at all .accidentally ran across this guy w same issue- truck acted like you pulled 5 plug wires off a gas engine and trans bitched about solenoid bad shops telling him motor needed rebuild trans was bad torque convertor bad ecm bad fuel pump bad injectors .**** maybe i goofed. shoulda put a 12 valve p motor in it. now heres this guy has no real mechanic background and starts changing parts ,he puts one on dont change the way it runs- takes part back.. gets down to a sensor above the thermostat housing (ya you know which one exhaust back pressure sensor) unplugs it and truck smoooooths out ! like wow ! his truck was deleted new sensor .leaves it unplugged truck still runs great. moral of the story-u decide.. i gave him a hundred bucks.
0 well it aint a ford!


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