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I bought the truck as a rolling chassis in 2009 for only $700 and I spent 10 months redesigning and fabricating parts and saving money for aftermarket pieces before it was driveable. I ended up selling the detroit locker that was in it for $700, so basically the truck was free. I found a beat up 1991 Dodge parts truck with a Cummins engine for $1300, and removed the engine and sold off the rest for $1500, so basically the engine was free, plus I made $200 in acquiring it. :D
I have a total of roughly $7000 into the truck so far, so I guess it qualifies as a budget diesel build.
1978 Ford Bronco (Red/black/white)


1991 Non-I/C 12V, stock 9mm injectors, 3200(3800 soon) rpm gov. spring, 5 turns full power screw, star wheel adjusted. Denny T fuel pin, 4" exhaust, ARP head stud kit, 60# intake and exhaust valve springs, Dynamic Racing C6 diesel automatic transmission with custom 1200 RPM billet TC, NP205 iron T-case.
Mostly stock with 1995 Ford Aerostar high back seats. Future plans are to install the front(including the folding center seat/console) and rear seats from a late 1990s super duty truck and power windows. Boost gauge integrated into stock dashboard, along with switch and indicator light for grid heater. Warning lights in dash were replaced with oil pressure and charging gauges as well. B&M floor shifter for control of the C6 auto.
Mostly stock original sheet metal except for new front OEM fenders, future plans include body restoration and paint with a fiberglass lightweight hood.
12" sub in custom box, two 6x9 mid range in custom cabinets and two 4" door speakers, powered by a 1000 watt RMS Cliff Design amplifier and a Pioneer CD receiver with remote.
6" lift Skyjacker suspension system, with Rancho shocks, all poly bushings. 3" body lift. Front brake rotors are new stock pieces, calipers are new from a 1975 Thunderbird(much larger pistons) with modified brake hoses to work on the Bronco, along with F350 master cylinder and brake booster with F350 rear wheel cylinders. Overall braking capacity is roughly twice that of the stock parts. Factory 9" rear axle is stock and rebuilt with 3.50 gears, factory front Dana 44 axle is rebuilt and upgraded with a trac-loc posi unit and 3.54 gears. Truck handles, rides and stops very well, with great street manners, comparable to a new vehicle.
Wheel and Tire
37x12.50R16.5 Military Humvee radials(take-offs) mounted on steel Pro Comp 16.5 wheels with stock 5x5.5 lug pattern.



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