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3500 4x4 Club Cab, 5-Speed Dually
2 tone, Factory Brown over Pearl Silver & Tan Inte
SLE Laramie
Purchased in 2013, w/220K on the clock and the usual pump mods, a few more mods now and 336K currently. Installed a SB Dual Disc clutch within the first month, and no issues with it so far. Twisted off the input shaft later that yr, because I was too dumb to upgrade it with the clutch in the first place. Shattered 5th gear and counter gear not long, replaced both gears and bought a new, upgraded NV4500 (for standby), and then broke 5th again, which then took out 3rd, lol... No problems so far from the new one. Slowly rebuilding all the other hard mechanicals in the drivetrain to new condition this year, it was hailed on a couple yrs ago, so the body work and new paint are next, then, planning to redo the interior completely as well, I figure it beats having $1000 payment, and it's waaay cooler than any new truck out there today.. she's a keeper!
1997 Dodge 3500 4x4 Club Cab, 5-Speed Dually (2 tone, Factory Brown over Pearl Silver & Tan Inte)


PDP 62/65/12 turbo w/4" downpipe and 5" straight out the back from there, what the shop called 60hp injectors, and the usual AFC mods.. nothing too serious yet, but we think it's around 500hp.. I chose the turbo based on going to compounds at some point, and it's said to be a good first charge size for that, and by itself is about as big as I'd go anyway without more engine mods first, like fire rings, and a cam.. the engine build is next on my list over this next winter 2019-20, but she runs pretty good right now, w/50 psi on the charge..
Bone stock cloth w/seat covers.. driver's was beginning to tear.. new leather someday!
Just the front bumper, but it's ready for a new one!
Alpine head unit and unknown aftermarket speakers in stock locations.
Bone stock.
Wheel and Tire
285/75/16 BFG KM3 Mud Terrains, w/2" spacer on the rears.



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