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Verdoro Green
My dad ordered this car from the factory in 1968. It was our family car and only vehicle until my he added a brand new Power Wagon to the stable in 1978. in 1980, when gas was "ridiculously expensive," they parked the Goat in the basement and bought a 1980 Chevy Citation, which actually ended up being my first car. The poor old gal locked up after sitting there for a decade, so dad, my brother, myself, and dad's master diesel mechanic cousin rebuilt the engine in 1995. We carefully honed the cylinders to avoid boring it out, and was able to rebuild it in stock form. It got a new factory cam and Quadrajet at that time. I still have the original cam, but dad turned the old carb in for the core. I wish he hadn't. If it weren't for that factory spec rebuild, it would be a true survivor car.

When I was born in 1973, this car brought me home from the hospital. It is the first vehicle I have any memory of riding in. When dad passed away in December of 2014 I inherited her (much to the chagrin of my older brother, who likes to "improve" things too much instead of leaving them the way they are meant to be on a car like this). Since that time I have doted over her. She is garage kept all summer long at my house, and wintered in my mother's climate controlled garage. I clean and polish it a lot more than I drive it, but I enjoy every minute that I spend with this car, and when I am gone it will go to one of my children and remain in the family.
1968 Pontiac GTO (Verdoro Green)


Bone stock Pontiac 400 CID/350 HP/445 lbs/ft. Muncie close ratio M21 four speed transmission. 10 bolt B-O-P rear end loaded with Safe-T-Lock limited slip option and 3.90:1 ratio.
The interior is completely stock. I have done my best to revive the original vinyl seats. The seat bottom on the driver's side is pretty toasted, so it gets uncomfortable to driver with my bad back pretty quick. Some sacrifices have to be made, though. The carpet is pretty rough, but again, I have done my best to trim any frayed spots and keep it tacked down to the floor pans. All in all it's not too bad.
The ONLY modifications to the exterior is that the wheels were replaced with factory originals in 1969, because some jerk stole the originals right outside of my parent's house. I also added a setof BF Goodrich Radial TA raised white letter tires last summer. I wanted to go back to the original Firestone bias ply red line tires that came on the car, but they are a little cost prohibitive. I will add them next time.

Since this was the family car for so many years, it was driven to their favorite vacation destination, Daytona Beach, FL, several times. Between being driven on the beach and the road salt here in the Tennessee mountains in the winter, there is some body rust. I am doing my best to keep it in check, but I will eventually have to have extensive body work done. It will be a frame off, concourse restoration when that time comes.
It still has the original AM radio, and the original in-dash 2-way cone speaker, and both still work. I added an AM/FM/Aux receiver summer before last, and hid it under the driver's seat. It can be operated with a remote control, so it is never seen. I paired it to a set of Pioneer 3 way 6x9's under the package tray. It sounds decent, but honestly, I rarely even turn it on. I prefer to listen to the sound of the 400 purring through the dual Flowmasters.
Pontiac Wide Track. Coil srung front. Four link, coil sprung rear. Power brakes, but no power steering.
Wheel and Tire
Factory 14x6 Pontiac five spoke Rally II wheels with BF Goodrich Radial TA 205-70/R14 raised white letter tires.



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