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2500 HD 4x4
A friend of my ordered this truck new in 2000. He tried to delete any kind of "luxury" option - got a rubber floor mate, tried to get a vinyl seat, but not available, so leather. He did get every heavy-duty option available for a 2500- HD rear springs, snow plow prep package, 6spd trans with PTO prep, limited slip rear differential, skid plates.
The truck was primarily used to pull a car hauler trailer to support my friend's car hobbie. This went on for about 15 years. In that time his car hobbie changed to just Model A's and doing car tours. He also graduated to an aluminum enclosed trailer, so you could put one of his A's in there and pull it with a minivan if you wanted to. He decided to step-down from the 2500 Cummins to a 1500 gas 4-door.
I was able to pick the 2500 up from him at 16 years old and 49,994 miles on the odo. The truck sat in the pole barn more than it was out on the road. There is no rust on the truck, despite being in Michigan, but again, I think it only was driven in the winter 2 times, so only 2 road salt applications.
I am now trying to keep it off the road in the winter, successfully did so for 2017~2018 winter season, since I have other vehicles that can get me to work. My biggest enjoyment with the truck was being able to trailer my 9300lb. - 48HP loader tractor up to my cabin to do some work, towing it with almost no effort and getting 18 MPG doing it!!!
2001 Dodge 2500 HD 4x4 (White)


Planning on a BHAF, 4-inch straight exhaust- installed
Had to add some engine ID for people following me - Cummins HO tag on the tailgate.
Stock AM/FM casette
Dynatrac Free-spin hub conversion
Wheel and Tire
Stock steels



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