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General Information

Dodge 1500
Mega Cab SLT
dvd stereo and subs
picked it up with blown engine needed truck for towing and dump runs plus in the winter if you dont have big 4x4 you will be snowed in lots for up to a week until plows get out to here
2006 Dodge 1500 Mega Cab SLT (Silver)


rebuilt a 120000 mile oh durango hemi. soon to be swapped out for 12 valve advanced for more MPG spring and pin for more RPM injector swap and 08 high flow inter-cooler. possible turbo upgrade and exhaust brake with a free flow 4" exhaust with muffler going to be swapping 545RFE for 68RFE with turned down torque converter and appropriate transfer case or swap existing to a 29 spline input. 5.9 hemi computer reprogramed with 68RFE CTD program modified for lower shift points to better match 12 valve performance for better shifting with trans lock between shifts and with exhaust brake. Tps signal will come from 03 4.7 1500/durango throttle cable to send signal from 5.9 rpm will be a magneto signal off front crank and old school cruise control standalone with the fuel pump relay to run the fuel shutoff so all gages will work and program out gas engine parameter faults for coil and injectors o2 sensors. Will be adding mechanical exhaust temp boost pressure and trans temp along with diff temps and t case temp. Finally will be adding a SVO SFO conversion for the long trecks on the highways.
plain factory before single din install. will be upgraded sound and heat insulation when CTD installed
not much yet but building parts and research for the multi fuel truck dodge should build.
Clarion dvd cd sirus Ipod dock 2 8" bazooka tubes behind seats coming is rear DVD entertainment unit
will be looking into doing a DYI long box dually conversion same time as CTD swap because body will be off frame and I hope to have a parts truck.
also a 5" lift with control arm drop and 4 link rear conversion air ride from
Wheel and Tire
factory wheels and sized tires. will be going to 22.5 10 lug dually conversion for tire savings and long life because in 2 more years my daughter is off to university and I will be hooking up my travel trailer hopefully find a trailer with garage for my car 68 convertible fury and small living area for me and the dogs. then I can travel coast to coast and top to bottom this time with all the time just enjoy sun sand and new friends.



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