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Colorado Red & Bright White
I bought the truck off of craigslist while in Ontario during the summer of 2015. I purchased the truck over the phone and flew out to Victoria, BC with my father and we did a 5 day road trip across Northern United States to drive it back. A fantastic first test drive and it passed the test with not a single problem. I love the truck and I can't see myself ever getting rid of it. It's a real head turner and I can't seem to get from point A to B without getting a thumbs up or a compliment.
1992 Dodge w250 (Colorado Red & Bright White)


Not too much has been tampered with under the hood of this old w250. The stock air box has been opened up a bit, stock H1C turbo, well maintained 12 valve cummins and automatic transmission (for now), and a finely tuned VE injection pump (minimal smoke). The killer dowel pin has been tabbed, M&H timing spacer on the IP as well. Everything works as it should, and it's going to stay that way.
The truck's interior has been restored once during it's lifetime. Although no serious soundproofing yet, the interior is very clean and very well taken care of. No cracks or broken interior pieces. The bench seat has been reupholstered, the headliner has been re-done, and the carpet has also been replaced. Last month I replaced all of the dash lights with brighter replacement bulbs and made sure all factory gauges and bulbs were working. I also purchased a sweet matching bench seat console for a good arm rest and cup-holder solution.
The exterior is stock, I love the stock look of these w250's, especially that Bright White & Colorado red it just stands out so much in the sunlight. Since purchasing the truck I've repainted the stock steel wheels black, added a shiny stainless tailgate cap, replaced the faded cab lights with new chrome replicas, and gave it a few coats of wax of course! The truck has been repainted back to factory colours once during it's lifetime.
Wheel and Tire
I repainted beneath the beauty rings and hub caps a black colour, and although not seen very much, it does add a nice offset between the bright rings and the dark steel wheel. The white letters on the BFGoodrich all terrain's have been turned inwards, giving the truck a nice classic fitting look.



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