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Ram W250
Purchased July 2018. 1989 Power Ram 100 body, 3/4 Ton frame and suspension, Dana 60 4.10 Front, Dana 70 4.10 Rear, 1990 12v Cummins Diesel & Dash. 47RH auto transmission with OD and Lockup switched. Bought intending to do a body swap for a 1st gen crew cab, if I can find one in good condition.
1989 Dodge Ram W250 (Red)


12v Cummins, non-intercooled at the moment, 47RH transmission with OD and Lockup controlled by switches inside the cab. 4" exhaust, straight pipe, dumps behind rear wheel.

Add TPS and Compushift to control Overdrive and Lockup.
Rewire everything correctly (electronics aren't hard for me, I've made my own guitar pedals).
Larger turbo & injectors - Looking for 400hp maybe?
Add intercooler from 96 Cummins (already have) with custom or aftermarket intake horn.
Get rid of the neon green paint, ugh, and repaint with something more matching to intended body color.
Pretty much crap right now. Bench seat not in too bad of shape, but the dash has several mounting brackets broken. Interestingly enough, all the gauges work except the odometer, and the gauges were ported over from the 1990 Cummins swap (Speedometer says 100mph (90-93), not 85mph (81-89)).

Soundproofing. Soundproofing. Soundproofing. Oh, and weather seals.
Reassess entire dash for gauge clusters.
Move or replace gauges/indicator lights as necessary.
Remold dash with custom fiberglass as necessary.
Remold interior trim pieces with custom fiberglass as necessary to integrate gauge and speaker mounting locations.
Add split-bench seat in front, something like a 60/40 with flip down armrest/console, and reupholster with two-tone leather.
Reupholster rear bench seat with two-tone leather.
Rusted all to heck. Held on my bailing wire and corrosion (literally). Floorpan under driver's side has a rusted-out hole that I'll be fixing for the winter.

Strip down an 81-85 crew cab for a body swap, and add a short bed.
Paint - undecided.
LED exterior lighting, including auxillary reverse lights.
Custom built front and rear bumpers, possibly including front 2" hitch & winch.
Power extending truck steps.
Hahahahaha. This is an '89 Cummins without much modification yet. In-car entertainment is a waste because you couldn't hear anything anyway.

Integrate aftermarket display radio/entertainment/gps/camera.
Rear seat entertainment x2 (I have two children).
Aftermarket amplifier & speakers, undecided what brand and setup yet.
Sticker inside the truck identifies a "Rough Country" suspension. It has 5 leaf springs in the front, and 8 in the rear. Looks like about a 6" lift in the rear to level the truck. Rides like a boat anchor with wheels.

Reassess suspension needs - Bilstein 5100 shocks? Skyjacker? Airbag system (cost prohibitive?)
Staying with current lift height - pretty much perfect.
Add custom fabricated torsion bars to prevent axle wrap.
Crossover steering from OffRoadDesigns
Blue Top Steering box, 4-turn
Wheel and Tire
Master cylinder, rear drum brakes, lines, wheel seals and bearings redone by previous owner.
Front brake calipers and rotors, hoses, brake lines, wheel seals, bearings, lug studs, lug nuts, kingpins, tie rod ends all new.

New wheels, undecided.
New tires. Probably going to 33" or 35" tires from the stock height 31" Big Horns.



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