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Blk on blk
Bought from first owner I am the second. Truck was stock only getting 14 mpg. I did full deletes, H&s mini max hot unlock, fuel rail plug, e.D. egr delete kit. Then started the truck up one day let it warm up and as soon as I took off the stock turbo sounded like it was in trouble.. New turbo set up with a 2nd gen swap B&W 66/74 and relocated the passenger coolant tube. Also previously had a s&B intake. When replacing this turbo setup a custom intake was fabbed up to flow to the turbo better due to the lower mounting of the turbo. After 6k miles on the new turbo I had trashed the stock transmission.. I am now waiting for a Revmax 850 to go in.. Tick tock. Aside from me not being gentle on this girl I do believe it was not taken care of before me and used for work.. At least she's cared for and clean now:) Truck has 33x12.50r17Cooper stt. The truck wasn't intended to be anything special but I sure am impressed. Any questions just ask. Avg 18-19 mpg.. Can squeeze out up to 22-23mpg.. Well see what the revmax does to that.
2012 Ram 2500 (Blk on blk)


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